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Wii Fit 7-in-1 Exercise Kit

Product Description

Xertube Resistance band : Elastic strap comes with two nylon straps, Stretchable and durable for Active specific workouts

Leg Strep: Holds the Wii Nunchuk whilst connected to the Wii Remote for the Active video game. Soft, breathable fabric for ideal air circulation

Headband: Stretchable, elastic band that fits most head sizes. Soft, breathable fabric for ideal air circulation Headband : Stretchable, elastic band that fits most wrist sizes. Soft, breathable fabric for ideal air circulation

Yoga Mat: Soft, plastic, non-slip Mat. Firm support for the Wii Balance board. Water Bottle : Screw top , Made of Eco-friendly recyclable material

Exercise speedometer adapter for the Wii Remote: Detects the speed in miles/kilometers of your swings , Measures the calories lost during your exercise, Wii MotionPlus compatible

Imported from USA

Embark on a healthy Wii Fit workout regimen with the 7 in 1 super fitness pack. The kit contains the following: - Water
Bottle - Water bottles are a necessity in today's fitness craze. Not limited to your Wii fit workouts, you can also use
this water bottle while exercising at the gym or on a warm day at the beach. - Xertube Resistance band - Unlike typical
resistance bands, this Xertube resistance band is made of a strong, yet flexible hollow rubber material. This band
augments the strength of bicep curls, shoulder presses and other Wii fit specific exercises through resistance. Each of
the strap ends contain a sleeve for the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, for certain games that require the use of both.- Leg
Strap - Specially-designed to hold the Wii Nunchuk for the Active video game and any other exercise game that uses the
nunchuk on the leg. Wrap it around your leg; adjust to a comfortable fit and place the Nunchuk in its specific
sleeve.-Headband - Bring back those 80s exercise dance video memories as you wear this headband on your head. The soft,
cotton material allows your head to breathe while soaking up the sweat so you can focus on your workout.-Wristband -
Wear this wristband on your wrist as you break a sweat to those Wii Fit exercises. made of stretchable, elastic that
fits most wrist sizes and goes well with the included headband.-Yoga mat - Immerse yourself in those health-conscience,
interactive games on your Wii Balance board safely knowing that you won’t slide or fall easily as you would on a hard,
wooden floor. Made of a soft, non-slip grip plastic material, your board, nor your feet would feel any uneasiness from
this mat. - Exercise speedometer adapter for the Wii Remote - A first for the Wii Remote, an adapter that connects to
the end of your Wii remote that counts calories as you burn them. Measure the speed of your swings in miles or
kilometers per hour and how many times you swung through the tiny LED screen