CTA Digital 7 in 1 Wii Fit U & Wii Fit Kit. Includes: Mat, Battery, Silicon Sleeve, Belt, Socks and Skin Case for Remote & Protective Case With Neck Strap for Wii U

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  • Protective Case with Neck Strap for Wii U GamePad
  • 24" x 68" Soft Anti-Slip Balance Board Mat
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Wii Fit Balance Board
  • Silicone Sleeve for Wii Balance Board
  • Comfortable One-Size-Fits-All Anti-Slip Socks
  • With this basic yet handy Wii Fit starter kit from CTA Digital you’ll be able to get the most out of your Wii Fit
    Balance Board while you stay in shape. The kit contains the following to start a new way of enjoying your Wii Fit:
    Protective Case with Neck Strap for Wii U GamePad: The protective silicone case for the Wii U GamePad features a
    comfortable and shock absorbent design with access to all controls and ports. An adjustable neck strap is included for
    added support and protection. Just let the gamepad hang while you pause and then quickly get back in the game. - Balance
    Board Mat: Perfect for Wii Fit, you can immerse yourself in healthy, interactive games on your Wii Balance board safely
    knowing that you won’t slide or fall as you might on a bare floor. Dimensions: 24'' x 68'' - Balance Board Lithium Ion
    Battery Pack: Extend the length of your Wii Fit sessions with this rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack for the Wii Fit
    Balance Board. Specs: Compatible with Wii Fit Balance Board Auto cut-off, when completely charged, preventing
    overcharging and overheating Capacity: 700mAh 1.5hs - Silicone Sleeve for Wii Balance Board: This stylish silicone
    sleeve protects your Wii Balance Board from the wear and tear of everyday use. The soft silicone material absorbs and
    lessens the impact of steps taken on the Balance Board. - Anti-Slip Socks: These comfortable sole-padded socks provide
    secure grip on many surfaces for ideal control and balance during your Wii Fit workouts. Specs: Elastane cotton socks,
    one-size-fits-all - Swivel silicone sleeve for Wii Remote: With this belt clip you‘ll always have access to your remote
    when needed. Navigate through menus right from your belt by just rotating the remote then pointing to the screen. - Wii
    fit Belt: This belt is the idyllic combination to the Swivel silicone sleeve for the Wii Remote. Just wrap and secure
    the Velcro strap to your waist and clip the Swivel silicone sleeve to it and you’re set! Specs: 49-inch long belt