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ExpertPower Baofeng UV-5R Extended True Capacity Battery (Model: BL-5L, 3800 mAh, Black)

Product Description

Compatibility - A detailed list of compatible radios is listed in the description. Please refer to it if you need to check your radio compatibility.

Freedom from the Charger - This Extended Capacity battery is guaranteed to give you up to 50% extra time off the plug that the original 1,800 mAh battery. Accept no substitues.

Avoid the Counterfeits - ExpertPower® is the most trusted and highest reviewed seller for Baofeng Batteries. Purchase from us and avoid the counterfeits.

More Battery, More Radio - This extended battery not only gives you incredible battery life, but it also increases the size of the radio making it easier to hold and handle.

Peace of Mind; 1 Year Warranty - If your product fails, help is just one phone call away! Our warranty does not cover purchasing error, so please make sure your radio is compatible by referring to the description.

Imported from USA

Engineered for better performance, the ExpertPower Baofeng Extended Capacity Battery guarantees you not only a radio
that's easier to handle, but also an extended amount of time off the charger. Because there are many different
variations of Baofeng Radios, here is a comprehensive list of what radios are compatible with these batteries:

Compatible with- UV-5R UV-5R1 UV-5R2 UV-5R3 UV-5R4 UV-5R5 UV-5R6 UV-5R7 UV-5RL UV-5RV2+ BF-F8V2+ BF-F9 BF-F9V2+ BF-F8HP

Based on customer feedback as well as our own personal inhouse testing, these radios have been deemed incompatible:

Not Compatible with- UV-5RA UV-5R+ UV-5RA UV-5RB UV-5RC UV-5RD UV-5RE UV-5RA+ UV-5RD+

If you have a Baofeng radio that is not listed at all, please contact us. We would love to confirm every battery
possible for a better customer experience.