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Product: 434228

InCarCables Car and Home Stereo 1.2m AUX-IN Cable 3.5mm for iPod, iPhone, Smartphone and Mp3 Players

Product Description

Connect your iPod (All Models), iPhone (All Models, including iPhone 5 / 5S), smartphone, mp3 player or tablet to your car or home stereo. Take your tunes / audiobooks on the move!

New design cable added to our bestselling range! Stepped plug fits all iPod and iPhone models, including iPhones and smartphones with cases (see above pictures.)

Premium high quality cable with 24k gold plated 3.5mm plugs + low loss wire core - to ensure great sound quality.

Durable design, with solid, molded connectors. Ergonomically designed and easy to hold. No loose metallic screw connectors like other cables.

4ft in length (our most popular size). The same and other lengths are available in our 'chunkier' design on Amazon - search InCarCables Ltd.

Imported from USA

InCarCables 4ft Aux-In Cable With Durable Stepped Connector

Looking for a way to use your iPod, iPhone, smartphone, mp3 player or tablet (kindle) with your car or home stereo?
InCarCables' high-quality, gold-plated aux-in cable is the perfect solution!

Simply plug one end into the headphone socket of your device and the other into the jack in your car (or home stereo),
and you're set! The sound quality is excellent and the cable's durability makes it much longer lasting than cheaper

This new slimline cable with a stepped connector is a recent addition to our bestselling range. It is designed to locate
firmly in devices, even with cases fitted (see above pictures, click to enlarge). Works great with iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

This cable length (4 feet) is our most popular size, ideal for those sat anywhere in the car!

The cables have a robust design with dual molded, ergonomically designed connecters, made from quality touch plastic.
This means they last longer, are easy to hold and are durable enough for usage in the car or at home.

The cables have 24k gold plated 3.5mm plugs and a low loss wire core to ensure great sound quality that lasts. All
cables are made without the use of hazardous substances (RoHS compliant)

The cables are compatible with car or home stereos which have a 3.5mm aux input fitted (see pictured input above). Most
new cars have these inputs - they look like headphone sockets and are normally located in the stereo unit, glove box,
armrest or center console. Still unsure? Send InCarCables a message through Amazon, and we'll check.

Our cable is compatible with ALL iPods, ALL iPhones (including iPhone 5), All iPads and any mp3 player, smartphone or
tablet (kindle / kindle fire) with a normal headphone socket! It will even work when cases are fitted (see pictures.)