Stoner Car Care GUST Easy Air Duster - 12 oz, 94203

AED 54
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Product Description

Easily cleans dust, dirt, lint, hair sand, sawdust, and other harmful debris from delicate surfaces

Cleans dashboards, consoles, cameras, computers, collectibles, electronics, keyboards, optics, printers, tools, sewing machines, hobby toys and more

Blast away dirt and debris from hard-to-clean areas with a 100% ozone safe product

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Stoner GUST Easy Air Duster 12 oz. Aerosol Can is like having a portable air compressor that you hold in your hand.
Stoner's Gust Easy Air Duster is a blast of extremely clean, filtered, moisture-free, high pressure propellant that
won't scratch or harm glass, optics, metals, plastics, rubber, or delicate electronic equipment. With GUST, there's no
need to wipe. Simply blow away dust, dirt, and contaminants by squeezing the trigger. GUST's unique "variable pressure"
trigger lets you control the dusting force.