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Product: 434507

Kenko Close-Up Lens 52mm AC No.5 Achromatic-Lens

Product Description

If the shooting distance of your original lens is short, select a close-up lens that makes it shorter. If the shooting distance of the original lens is long, select either No.1 or No.2.

These are high-performance lenses consisting of a set of two component lenses. The line up includes general close-up lenses such as No.2 and No.3,and No.5,which is suitable or lenses with short minimum shooting distances.

When the shooting distance of your original lens is ,AC No.5 lets you capture the subject at a close distance of just 0.20m.

Imported from USA

These lenses are close-up accessories attached at the leading edge of the lens, just the way filters are. The shooting
distance of each lens can be calculated by the formula "1m /lens number.