Product: 434514

Red Cube Acrylic Filter-Tropical Water Color Correction-Scuba Diving-Hero3 Black, Silver, and White Accessory

Product Description

Color Correction For Tropical and Blue Water Scuba Diving

Dramatically improves underwater colors

Snap-On Design-Easy to Install and Remove

Constructed using tough optically correct acrylic

Best suited for Depths of 12 to 65 feet

Imported from USA

The Polar Pro Cube Red filter is designed for the GoPro Hero3 Black, Silver, and White Edition cameras. This red filter
provides color correction when filming in blue and tropical waters. Why A Red Filter? The GoPro's automatic white
balance is fooled when filming at depths due to the lack of red light. The cameras "brain" thinks that all of the colors
of the light spectrum are in front of it even though the red wavelength is missing. This causes the GoPro Hero3 to
record videos which are too blue or too green. The Polar Pro Cube Red filter will filter out excess blue's and green's
leaving behind vibrantly colored Videos. When To Use? You will want to use your Red filter when filming at depths of 12
to 65 feet. When filming at the surface, simply snap the filter off and shoot without a filter. As you descend simply
snap the filter on and capture the vibrant tropical colors! Why a Snap on Filter? A snap on filter gives you the most
versatility when filming with a GoPro. Film inserts easily blow away, difficult to install when outdoors, and get
damaged easily. Our Snap On Filter is easy to clean, and installs/removes seamlessly in the field. Warranty: If you are
not 100% satisfied with your purchase you may return it for a full refund in its original conditions.