3.5 mm to Male Flash PC Sync Cable 12-Inch Coiled Cord Suitable for Nikon, Canon, Pocketwizard Miniphone PC1

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Product Description

Sync cable provides a stable connection for your flash triggers

3.5 mm jack plug to male flash PC sync with screw lock to provide a stable PC connection

12 inch coiled cable stretches to approximately at least 24 inches for a longer reach

Used to trigger external flashes

Suitable for flash triggers with a PC connector

Introducing 3.5 mm to male flash PC sync cable with screwlock connector is the perfect accessory for your SLR camera.
Don't put up with an unstable connection - get this incredible flash screwlock sync cable and enjoy a stable PC

The sturdy screwlock connector creates a more reliable connection than the standard PC connector as it can be tightened
in order to lock the connection firmly in place providing stress-free use. Featuring a coiled cord measuring 12 inches
with the ability to stretch to approximately 24 inches, this reliable cable has a long reach suitable for most studios.

The screwlock connector is used on numerous gear including Canon, Nikon and Olympus but please check this is the right
connection for your gear.