Neewer Follow Focus CN-90F with Gear Ring Belt for DSLR Cameras of 65mm-103mm Lens Diameter Such as Nikon,Canon,Sony DV/Camcorder/Film/Video Cameras,Fits 15mm Rod Mounts,Shoulder Supports

by Neewer

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Product ID: 434679


  • Completely gear driven design for slip-free and accurate movement.
  • Ideal for video taking with HDSLR cameras such as Canon EOS 600D, 60D, etc.
  • Adjustable locking system. Gear drive can be mounted from either side
  • Improved design, with a pair of stops on the ring for adjustable focus indication. You can control follow focus in desired range by setting the stops, and so for desired focal lengths.
  • Compatible with all DSLR cameras, video cameras, HDV, DV, specially for HDSLR camera with movie function.
  • Description: This follow focus finder takes an important function in film shooting. Film movie camera lenses are
    manually focus. Cause there are many scenarios need to constantly change the focus. It's very inconvenient to operate
    the lens directly. So the follow focus finder provides a greater convenience. The follow focus finder can let you shoots
    precisely, focus precisely and operate smoothly. Whether you're shooting with a fixed-lens camcorder, interchangeable
    cinema lens, or a video-capable DSLR camera, this machine will provide repeatable and accurate focusing.

    Package Contents:

    1 x Follow focus

    1 x Focus Ring Gear

    2 x Extension

    2 x Fixing Screw


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