Stinky Gaming Footboard Foot Controller - PC

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Product ID: 436512


  • Return to Neutral Technology - Board snaps back to a neutral position after activation
  • Centre point performance board design - Multi-button activation without lifting your foot
  • User adjustable tension boxes - Adjust the responsiveness and stiffness
  • Customized feel/performance - Soft, medium, and hard springs included
  • Stinky footboard kicks gameplay up a notch, taking control out of your hands and putting it down where all the fun
    happens: below the belt. Two years in development, the footboard is unlike anything else out there. It is the
    revolutionary next step in game controller technology. Patented R2N technology allows for lightning-quick, precise
    responses, while keeping your foot in a relaxed, natural position. More functionality. Less fatigue. Four programmable
    buttons, adjustable tension, and a unique "cross" shape give the Stinky footboard unparalleled customization. Up or
    down, one foot or two, this controller begs to be used every which way. And it's not simply about adding more buttons.
    It's about changing the way you play - giving that crucial second needed to crush anyone furiously clicking on mouse
    alone. Unique, proprietary advances in controller technology provide the latest evolution in gameplay.