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USB to Mini Centronics Cable, 5 ft.

Product Description

1x USB to Parallel adapter, 5 ft.

1x Centronics (IEEE 1284) to Mini-Centronics Adapter (IEEE 1284-C)

1x driver CD (for Windows 98 and 2000/NT)

Imported from USA

If you find that your new computer doesn't have a standard parallel port, this USB to Mini-Centronics (IEEE 1284-C or
IEEE 1284C) cable is perfect to connect these older printers to a USB only computer. Installation is very easy and
straightforward. Simply plug each end to the printer and computer. If you're using Windows or OS X, the USB drivers
install automatically. Then, you'll need to install the individual printer drivers, most of which are built into your
operating system. Please note: These adapters will work with Multi-Function or All-In-One printers, but only for
printing (in other words, they won't allow you to use the faxing or scanning functions). Also, they do not work with
anything other than printers. They will not work with other parallel devices.