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C2G/Cables to Go 07859 SCSI-3 Ultra2 LVD/SE MD68 M/M Cable - Thumbscrew (6 Feet)

Product Description

Double-shielded Ultra2/Ultra3 LVD/SE external SCSI cable that is backwards-compatible with SCSI-3 applications

Supports up to 80/160 Mbps performance, and up to 16 peripherals without creating a bottleneck.

34 pair, 28 AWG, aluminum-foil shielding with 10% overlap, 85% tin copper braid, 140 Ohm maximum impedance

Backwards compatible with SCSI-3 applications; forward compatible with the Ultra320 specification.

For connecting external RAID array, database servers, drive enclosures, etc. to an Ultra2/Ultra3 LVD/SE host adapter

Imported from USA

Ultra2/Ultra3 SCSI provides the most competitive performance choice for high-traffic workstations, servers, multi-user
systems, and storage area networks (SANs). This external cable meets these needs by increasing bus bandwidths which
allows greater configuration flexibility, backward compatibility, and faster transfer rates. Manufactured with
double-shielded wire with twisted-pair construction to minimize interference for error-free data transmission.