BoxWave TriConnect Mini Apple MacBook 13" (2009) DisplayPort Adapter

by Boxwave

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  • Features male mini DisplayPort attached to adapter
  • The adapter splits into 3 female connection choices: HDMI, DVI, or DisplayPort
  • Project your devices display on HD-TVÆs, external monitors, projectors, and more
  • Tri-Connect transfers both audio and video signals
  • Experience no loss of sound or video quality
  • Ready. Set. Accessory

    Our Ready. Set. Accessories deliver instant functionality right out of the package. Accessory line products are designed
    to make your life easier, more compatible, and less expensive.

    Enter the Tri-Connect Mini DisplayPort Adapter, an all-in-one device that converts your Mini DisplayPort into DVI,
    DisplayPort, or HDMI, allowing you to stream both video and audio simultaneously. A compatibility companion, the
    Tri-Connect is folklore come true, granting its owner the power of three wishes.

    Wish #1: Mini DisplayPort to DVI DVI is the current industry standard for desktop PCÆs and external monitors.

    Wish #2: Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPortDisplayPort is the next generation display adapter, currently in use with
    high-end displays and projected to replace many VGA and DVI connections starting in 2013.

    Wish #3: Mini DisplayPort to HDMIHDMI is the input source for HD-TVÆs and some external monitors. Hook your MiniDP
    device up to your TV and stream both video and audio.

    One adapter to rule them all! Our Tri-Connect DisplayPort Adapter unites the world of display under one banner. The
    compact Tri-Connect fits neatly behind your TV, in your bag, or on your desk. Its sleek white design speaks of
    sophistication and savvy. ItÆs time to bid farewell to the headache of multiple adapters and confusing hook-ups.

    The Tri-Connect Mini DisplayPort Adapter from BoxWave: Your Compatibility Companion


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