Palm TX / Tungsten T5 / E2 / LifeDrive HotSync Sync and Charge Cable

by Generic

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  • Quality Non OEM Sync/Charger/Data Cable fully compatible with your Palm TX / Tungsten E2 / T5 and LifeDrive PDAs.
  • Cable can be used to both sync with your computer and charge your Palm PDA at the same time.
  • Eliminates the need for a bulky cradle when traveling.
  • You can use this cable with USB wall chargers (sold separately) to charge your PDA from wall sockets.
  • For sale is a quality generic (non-oem) Sync and Charge cable for your Palm TX / Tungsten E2 / T5 and LifeDrive PDAs.
    This cable is durable, compact, strong and lightweight and it supports both syncing and charging from your computer USB
    port. It's also a perfect travel cable since you don't have to carry bulky cradles. It can be optionally used with USB
    wall adapters (sold separately) to charge your device on the go from wall sockets.

    Please note: There is no HotSync button on this cable, to start a HotSync simply tap on the HotSync application on your
    Palm screen to start the syncing process.


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