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Bestduplicator BD-SMG-5T 5 Target 24X SATA DVD Duplicator with Built-In 1 to 5 M-Disc Support Burner

Product Description

Supports DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD+/-R Dual Layer, CD-R, CD-RW blank media standards.

"User friendly" controller utilizes familiar "ESC" & "ENT" keys with tactile feedback for easy navigation

Intelligent design automatically recognizes the source disc format.1 slot is meant for the original CD/DVD and the 5 remaining slots are for the blank CD's/DVD's being burned, which makes this unit a "5 target"

New 24X Burners, 128MB Controller, Fully stand-alone system - No computer needed!

Comes with a 1 year warranty (parts & labor included)

Imported from USA

This BestDuplicator is a professional SATA DVD/CD Duplicator that offers optical disc burning technology. It's
Compatible for any purpose that allows disc duplication(excludes copying protected discs/movies). The user friendly LCD
interface provides a simple one step copy function that burns your DVD blank discs at an optimal speed producing 1 15
(depends on your of Targets on your duplicator) copies every burn cycle. Burning speeds are adjustable and other
standard menu features are available as more advanced features. A computer or external device is not required at all to
use the unit. Inside this copy tower, different CD and DVD formats are automatically detected to allow stable and secure
buffer speeds while under run protected burning without the added trouble or stress from a computer to handle such
functions. What's new. Compared to the older model at 20X this one comes in built in with 24X drives (BestDuplicator
Certified), giving you much faster burn speeds and write speeds. With the all new BestDuplicator 128MB Controller, it
has became a nobrainer to buy our brand.