Energizer CHP4WB4 Recharge Smart AA/AAA Charger with 4 AA NiMH Batteries

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Product Description

Charges batteries at a safe, steady rate which improves the long-term health of the NiMH battery

Bad battery alert and shuts off if non-NiMH or old NiMH battery is attempted.

ENERGY STAR certified

The batteries are 1400 mAh

Energizer Recharge Smart Charger charges 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. Countdown timer shows how long
until batteries are charged along with battery fuel guage that shows charge status. Bad battery alert detects and shuts
off charging when a non-NiMH or old NiMN battery is inserted. The large display can be viewed from across the room.
Energy Star certified