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Orion 10145 Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket

Product Description

Attach two finder scopes or other aiming devices to your telescope quickly and easily

Use any combination of two aiming devices you wish including finder scope, red-dot reflex sights, green laser pointer brackets, mini guide scopes, and more

Allows use of two finders with no drilling required

Great for both visual observers and astrophotographers

Imported from USA

Attach two different aiming devices to your Orion telescope quickly and easily with the Orion Dual Finder Scope Mounting
Bracket. Many amateur astronomers prefer using not one, but two finder devices to help aim their telescope accurately.
For instance, using a magnified optical finder scope along with a non-magnifying reflex sight is very common thanks to
the different aiming benefits offered by both designs. Our Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket makes it easy to two
different aiming devices on one telescope. Since most telescope optical tubes are equipped with a single dovetail
mounting base for a finder scope, hobbyists who wish to use two finder devices usually have to consider drilling a fresh
set of holes into the telescope tube (and possibly voiding the telescope's warranty) in order to securely attach a
second aiming device. Well, back away from the workbench and leave those tools where they are, because the Orion Dual
Finder Scope Mounting Bracket lets you use two different aiming devices without having to hassle with drilling holes in
your precious telescope tube. Since the Dual Finder Scope Mounting Bracket features two separate dovetail mounting base
platforms on a single-stalk bracket, it allows two aiming devices to be mounted on a telescope equipped with a single
dovetail base - no drilling required!