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Orion 7020 9x50 Illuminated Right-Angle CI Finder Scope

Product Description

Deluxe 9x50 finder scope enhanced with red-illuminated crosshairs, correct-image view and right-angle eyepiece orientation

Bright, 50mm aperture finder scope with 9x power magnification and a wide 5 Degree field of view

Adjustable brightness red-illuminated double crosshairs make it easy to aim your telescope at night

Right-angle eyepiece orientation eliminates neck strain for comfortable telescope aiming

Imported from USA

Aiming a telescope is a joy when using the Orion 9x50 Illuminated Right-Angle CI Finder Scope thanks to its easy-to-see
crosshairs, big 50mm aperture, correct-image view and comfortable right-angle design. While many finder scopes employ
black crosshairs which are difficult at best to see against a night sky background, this deluxe model of ours features
an adjustable-brightness red LED illuminator so the double crosshairs can be seen easily at night for efficient
centering of celestial targets in a telescope. The comfortable right-angle orientation of the finder scope eye lens
eliminates the need to contort your neck and back around your telescope while aiming. The Orion 9x50 Illuminated
Right-Angle CI Finder Scope is particularly useful for those who stargaze with a Dobsonian reflector telescope, since
using a straight-through finder to aim a Dobsonian can be difficult. The finder's correct-image view makes it easy to
point your telescope accurately, since the view in the finder scope will have the same orientation as the unaided eye.
With moderate 9x power magnification and a wide 5-deg field of view, the fully coated Orion 9x50 Illuminated Right-Angle
CI Finder Scope gives scale to small celestial objects as they pop out with a surprising amount of bright detail. The
included finder bracket features a standard Orion dovetail foot and employs our popular spring-loaded X-Y adjustment
design for simple calibration with any Orion telescope.