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High Power 532/650nm 301 Laser flashlight /Red / Green Beam laser flashlight,Laser refers to the star pen, Laser flashlight Lazer Projector Flashlight (Green Set)

Product Description

Please note:Prevents laser light from accidentally hurting people and keeps children from playing with it without supervision with safe lock design at the bottom.Please do not continue to light for more than 30 seconds, otherwise it will affect the laser life

Output Power

Duty Cycle 40 seconds ON, 15 seconds OFF

Package:1x Green Laser flashlight Pen + 1pcs Red BK 18650 battery + 1 pcs charger + 1 x Gift (Multifunction UV counterfeit money detector pens)

Material: high strength aluminum alloy. Beam Color: Red / Green

Imported from USA

Color: Black.
Material: high strength aluminum alloy.
Max Output power: 5mW .
Wave length: 532/650nm.
Working Voltage: 3.7V.
Operating current: less than 450mA.
Normal operating temperature :+15 ℃~+35 ℃.
degrees Storage Temperature: -10℃ -40℃.
Laser Shape Dot:Divergence Waterproof :N/A.
Dimensions: 147mm×21mmx21mm.
Power supply: 1x 18650 or 1 x 16340 lithium battery(battery's positive to the end cap, negative to the optical lens).
Laser color: Green/Red.
Original box: NO.
Visible Beam!You can focus the beam to the smallest to burn black matches and pop plastic balloons.
You can see beautiful and strong green laser beam at day time.
It has safety lock function with keys, you can turn the key to the red point to lock it, and turn to the green point to
unlock it. This becomes more safe when it is rechable to a child.
It is very powerful, so don't see it for long time with bare eyes.
Please store the laser in dry environment and keep it away from children.
Please avoid direct eye exposure to the laser.
If the laser beam is reduced, please pay attention to the battery charge or replace the battery
Knowledge of laser flashlight
Laser flashlight range and power mainly with the laser flashlight issued by the power of light, frequency, as well as
the crystal module, the relationship between the degree of light, the greater the power the longer the beam
The frequency is related to the wavelength, the shorter the wavelength, the longer the beam is
The higher the concentration, the less the scattering is, and the farther the range is
Package:1x Green Laser flashlight Pen + 1pcs Red BK 18650 battery + 1 pcs charger + 1 x Gift