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Product Description

Speed clips are made from carbon-fiber polymer, clips mount and dismount MOLLE-compatible gear witho

For use with existing MOLLE pouches, tuck the old strap behind the clip, cut just the snap off or re

A speed clip has a clip at each end to hook over the edge of the cloth webbing on the support pack o

The size number in the description is the length in inches and the number of rows of webbing the cli

Imported from USA

Speed Clips are made of a modern carbon-fiber polymer material that is strong, flexible and durable. These are the most
versatile new pieces of MOLLE hardware available. Developed by BLACKHAWK!'s RandD staff, these clips quickly mount or
disconnect pouches and other gear quickly and efficiently - no more tedious weaving of bulky straps or hesitation at
rearranging your kit for better ergonomics. These clips make that task easy. Tested in combat, they have proven to be
both reliable and secure. Speed clips DO NOT RUST! These clips contain an accessory lanyard hole, free floating for
use with other accessories, unlike attached MOLLE straps , and can be color matched to your gear. Speed Clips come in
3", 5", 7" and 9" lengths to accommodate any size pouches and can be used with all of BLACKHAWK! 38-series pouches,
Existing MOLLE pouches (simply cut the strap off or tuck it behind the Speed Clip) , or can be used in other innovative
ways to enhance your personal setup. How the Speed Clip works: Place the pouch so its webbing aligns with spaces
between the webbing on the platform, insert the Speed Clip under the webbing of the platform, alternately weaving it
between the platform and the pouch, and finally, secure the end of the Speed Clip by hooking its tab onto the last
section of webbing. Do you have an existing MOLLE Strap? If you have a pouch that has a MOLLE strap, you can either
cut the strap off or tuck it behind the Speed Clip.