Collagen Beef Protein Powder 500g - Tasteless and odorless for Hair Skin Nails Muscles

Product Description

Choose the most popular Collagen Peptide Powder by WoldoHealth to vitalize your Body. Increases Muscle Regeneration, Improves Bone & joint Structure. Perfect for Keto and Paleo Diets.

Do your skin a favor and provide it with the Nutrients it deserves to build up a youthful glow and Suppleness. Scientific Results even show distinctive positive effects for Heart Health and Cellulite.

Mix our Tasteless, Odorless and Easily Soluble Collagen with your shakes, smoothies, soups or Coffee and turn them into superfoods! Lightning speed absorption!

Your Body needs Collagen! It´s an essential Building Block for your body and without it you will see your skin and tendons grow old prematurely.

Our Collagen comes from ethically held animals. Laboratory tested and Completely Free from Hormones & Antibiotics. Non-GMO.

Imported from UK

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