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60 Dolce Gusto Compatible Coffee & Hot Chocolate Capsules Variety Pack - 6 Different Blends

Product Description

6 different blends, great variety / trial pack

Cappuccino (10 pods, 5 drinks), Caffe Latte, Cioccolato, Cortado, Espresso Classic, Espresso Intenso, Espresso Decaf (10 pods, 10 drinks)

100% Italian coffee. Exclusive to StormBrew in UK

Coffee capsules only compatible with Dolce Gusto* machines

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Imported from UK

Flavour Name:Blend Variety Pack

Size Name:60 Pods - Pack of 6

60 Dolce Gusto compatible coffee capsules CAPPUCCINO - 10 PODS = 5 DRINKS The best coffee beans enriched with
a frothed milky foam to assure a delicious drink. Creamy and gourmand, is the perfect flavor to start the day in the
sweetest way. CAFE AU LAIT/CAFFE LATTE - 10 PODS = 10 DRINKS The combination of the energy of the coffee and the
sweetness of the milk makes this perfect. One true goodness! CIOCCOLATO - 10 PODS = 10 DRINKS Tasty drink flavored
chocolate for a break heady and greedy. Each capsule corresponds to a cup of hot chocolate. ESPRESSO CLASSIC - 10 PODS =
10 DRINKS Blend that seems "soft" even in the nose. The taste is velvety also on the palate. A coffee characterized by
fruity and bitter notes, typical to arabicas from central America and Brazil,added to Robusta. The result is a coffee
with a round and fine body....simply "SOFT". CORTADO - 10 PODS = 10 DRINKS The goodness of espresso "cut" with a dash of
hot milk. All this in one capsule! ESPRESSO INTENSO- 10 PODS = 10 DRINKS A rich and balanced coffee at same time.
Perfect mix between strength and finesse. This blend is composed by Robusta, with its roasted notes, and Arabica from
Central America, perfectly roasted. The result is an "INTENSE" coffee for Italian espresso's lovers.

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