• 100% organic and Premium grade.
  • super high in green tea flavonoids, especially the catechin, ECGC.
  • slow release energy – from natural tea caffeine and amino acid L Theanine.
  • brain power – amino acid L Theanine helps keep you alert and focussed.
  • healthy skin – contains polytheonols which can help prevent UV damage.
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  • Imported from UK.
Size Name:Pack of 1 Matcha is 100% organic green tea leaves, ground to a fine powder – essentially a super power green tea. Matcha tea bushes are grown under shade which boosts their chlorophyll content (that’s the bright green stuff that contains all the nutrients). The leaves are then ground to a fine powder so when you drink matcha, you’re ingesting every little bit of green tea good stuff. Drinking matcha can be like drinking 10 cups of regular green tea for its nutrient value – that’s why we call it super power green. Box Contains ------------ Each order comes with 1 x Tea Pigs Organic Matcha Super Power Green Tea 30 g

Tea Pigs Organic Matcha Super Power Green Tea, 30g