• 7 tubes.
  • Aquatic Mint, Cinnamon Mint, Classic Mint, Ginger Mint, Jasmine Mint, Whitening Mint and Amarelli Liquorice..
  • Comes in case.
  • The perfect gift for anyone who travels a lot, or just really likes their mouth feeling minty fresh. Coming with 7 travel sized tubes of Marvis toothpaste, with this you'll never be left short when it comes to brushing your teeth..
  • Imported from UK.
Flavour:Assorted Size:7 x 25 ml Marvis Gift Set With Seven Toothpastes Of 25 Ml - Flavour Collection History. Marvis Toothpaste Is Marketed By Ludovico Martelli Ltd (Proraso) Company. In 1948 Pietro Martelli Decided To Devote Himself To Shaving Products, Creating Pre Shaving Creams And Other Barbershop Products. After A Few Decades Peter Martelli's Descendants Decided To Expand The Company's Influence To Neighbouring Sectors Of Cosmetics And Personal Hygiene. In Fact, Among Various Acquired Brands, There Is Marvis Toothpaste Florentine Company That Operates In The Home Market But Also In Foreign Market And Especially That Of Us Where Marvis Toothpaste Is One Of The Must Of Made In Italy. An Original, Vintage-Looking Product, To Be Associated With Made In Italy, Concept That More Easily Brings To Mind The Food Industry Or The Fashion World, But It's Able To Witness How The Tricolor Creativity Still Has A Lot To Say. Marvis Toothpaste. Marvis Is Characterized By A Strong Focus On Packaging As Well As For The Different Toothpaste Tastes. In Fact, The Company In Fiesole Proposes Well Seven Marvis Variations Of Taste. An Assortment That For Variety And Refinement Goes Far Beyond A Regular Toothpaste. In Fact, We'Re Used To See On The Shelves Different Flavors Of The Same Toothpaste But Most Of These Are Classified According To Different Dental Problems. In Marvis, Instead, Oral Hygiene Is Combined With The Creativity And We Can Choose, For Example, Between The Green Classic Strong Mint, With Its Prolonged Feeling Of Freshness, And Orange Ginger Mint By Spicier Taste. You Can Also Choose Among Mint And Cinnamon Toothpaste Or With Mint And Licorice, Mint And Jasmine. The Other Company Strong Points Are Amarelli Black Licorice, Created In Collaboration With Amarelli, Manufacturer Of Licorice Since 1731, And Red Cinnamon Mint Characterized By Unmistakable Oriental Flavors. Discover Better Marvis Toothpaste. Marvis Experiences Many Flavors Made According To The Traditional Formulas. Thanks To These Tastes, Marvis Is Becoming A Increasingly In Demand And Precious Product. All Tastes Have A Light Texture With A Fresh Flavor. Marvis Toothpaste Obviously Provides Protection Against The Dental Caries, Tartar And Plaque, But It Does In Sophisticated, Interesting Way And With An Eye Toward The "Beauty" In The Purest Sense Of This Word. Marvis Whitening Mint, Menthol Freshness And Whitening Effect. Marvis Classic Strong Mint, For An Intense And Persistent Taste Of Freshness Marvis Cinnamon Mint, Cinnamon And Peppermint Give A Blast Of Refreshing Sweetness Marvis Aquatic Mint Is Like Having A Chewing Gum Constantly Leaning Against The Tongue, Fresh And Strong. Marvis Amarelli Licorice Flavored With Licorice Marvis Jasmin Mint Is A Jasmine Bomb Marvis Ginger Mint Is An Intense Ginger Sensation Size 25 Gr

Marvis Travel Toothpaste Collection