• Highly detailed WWF Superstars, arenas and backstage areas.
  • 8 modes of play including 78 variations of Exhibition Match and over 30 new match types.
  • Over 35 WWF Superstars including the Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, The Undertaker.
  • Enhanced Create-a-Wrestler.
  • New real-time events such as referee AI, arguments, interference and taunting.
  • Full voice narration/commentary system and Titantron movies.
  • Up to 4 players simultaneously with up to 9 WWF Superstars in the ring.
  • Expanded single player career mode with all new environments and deeper storylines.
  • Please note this product was created before 10 November 2002 when the World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc. traded as WWF. This product refers to WWF and carries a WWF logo.
  • Imported from UK.
WWF SmackDown! 3 for PlayStation 2 features all the bone-crunching, slobber-knocking, over-the-top action that's the World Wrestling Federation's hallmark; it picks up where WWF SmackDown! and WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role left off, boasting 78 styles of matches, 35 superstars and over 1,000 different moves. There are six-man tag-team matches and up to nine superstars can face off in the ring simultaneously; players can rush their opponent as they enter the ring, fight with their own tag team partner after a loss and distract the referee before performing dastardly deeds. All of this comes complete with play-by-play commentary and a solid 60 frames per second. Review ------------- Those cheeky chappies from the World Wrestling Federation pound their way onto the PlayStation 2 in the newest release in the Smackdown series, and manage to entertain to the max on the way. Fans of the earlier American wrestling games should feel right at home here: there are a huge number of stars from the show on hand to mete out punishment in a wide variety of interesting ways. Newcomers should have no difficulty either, as the controls are a dream to use. Just Bring It provides so many battle modes it's hard to keep track of what they are--if "Hell in a Cell" is your thing then go for it, but don't miss "TLC" (tables, ladders and chairs) and the "Royal Rumble" along the way; all are faithfully recreated for your grappling pleasure. And grappling is where it's at. The Smackdown combat system is about as good as it gets. Timing is the key to a good offence: lunge towards your opponent too early and you'll leave yourself wide open, get it just right and you'll take hold in time to execute one of numerous different moves designed to make the audience wince. Being on the receiving end isn't just a case of taking the punishment, however. A counter move is included to return or block punches or twist and twirl out of the path of an incoming hold--top stuff indeed. Keen to add that authentic touch, the developers have included the big entrance scenarios for each of the superstars, complete with signature tunes and Titantron videoscreen introductions. The only downside to a really great game is the amount of storage space it gobbles on the average PS2 memory card--4 MB, which seems overly generous by any standard. This minor niggle aside, Just Bring It is a very entertaining title which should keep the average player occupied for months.--Chris Russell