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Yemen Haraaz Red Marqaha - Green (Unroasted) Coffee Beans - New Arrival, Fresh Crop (1 Pound)

Product Description

Grown by a large number of individual, smallholder farmers throughout the rugged mountainous area around Sana'a.

Includes ancient, local varieties of Tuffahi, Dawairi, Ismaili and Jaadi coffee trees.

Natural "Red" Drying Process. Light chaff.

Same Day (Mon-Fr, before 2:00 est) Free Shipping USPS Priority. Free roasting sample included on orders of 2 pounds or more.

Notes: "strong tart acidity, boozy berry and thick chocolate; with wild and earthy undertones"

Imported from USA

Size:1 Pound

One of the most ancient histories of coffee production belongs to Yemen, the small peninsular nation that
juts into the Red Sea. Since roughly the late 16th century, coffee in Yemen has been produced and processed using
traditional methods, typically a “tree-dried natural” process, in which the coffee cherry is allowed to dry on the tree
before being picked, further dried on rooftops, husked, and milled. This practice historically resulted in the classic
Yemen characteristics of muddled fruit and earthy, deep notes in the cup—but what would Yemeni coffee taste like were
the cherry picked ripe? Yemen Haraaz Red Marqaha is a special preparation natural: The coffee is bought as ripe cherry
from growers, and dried on raised beds rather than branches and the traditional rooftop tarps. The cup is dramatically
different—big, clean red fruit, and a juicy, almost nectar-like body. Yemen has been in the grips of a devastating civil
war, and it’s unclear when we’ll have coffees from there again, if as we’ve seen from other coffee-growing regions
recovery from political or martial turmoil, such as in Rwanda and Honduras, high-quality specialty coffee can be a
positive and productive element of economic and social rebuilding, and we hope the same will be true for the beautiful
people and the marvelous coffee of Yemen.