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Fitness Hula Hoops > Product: 55916960

Exercise Hula Hoop and Speed Rope Combo Set - Weighted Hoop perfect for fun, easy weight loss, fat burning, fitness and cardio vascular exercise.

Product Description

FUN WEIGHT LOSS: The extra weight on this hula hoop forces your body to exert more energy, and burn more calories while using it.

COMFORTABLE: The soft foam padding on the inside of the power hoop is designed to gently massage your body as you hoop.

TRAVEL FRIENDLY & PORTABLE: Quick and Easy assembly and disassembly allows you to fit your hoop in a small box

EXTREME VALUE: Also comes with a Speed Rope, to open up an entirely new form of exercise all with one purchase.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If at any point you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund!

Imported from UK

Let me tell you about your hips.

They are underused.
You generally use them to place belts on, and not much else. And, much like Shakira, your hips rarely make false

The number one thing your hips will ever say is "Hey, we're underused, and also, I think might be putting a little more
weight on us than you used to."

And since they never lie, maybe you should believe them?

That's why this exercise set is the perfect gift for your hips.
Look, there's something thats true about life -- it's impossible to be sad and hula hoop at the same time. There's
something about the motion that is so clearly absurd, that your brain just says "Okay, lets release some endorphins!"
every time you start.

Try that with running.

Combine that with the speed rope, which is the only way you can jump up and down in one place, and still seem like
you're training to fight Rocky (or be Rocky) and aren't an idiot just jumping up and down, well... it becomes clear that
these two items together are sort of the holy grail of exercise.