• ORGANIC CEREMONIAL MATCHA TEA – Highest quality organic Matcha from the youngest and finest leaves of the first harvest. Used for the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, it possesses a rich mellow sweet taste and creamy texture and is distinguished by its vibrant jade green colour..
  • FIRST & FINEST HARVEST – Our Matcha Premium Tea is obtained in the 1st harvest of the year from tea plants that are specially shaded from direct sunlight. The 1st harvest is picked during the spring giving our Matcha a delicate, smooth and refreshingly grassy taste..
  • GROWN in UJI, JAPAN – The Uji region is famous for its fertile soils and clean water. The green tea plants there have ideal conditions for growth thanks to hills providing good sunlight, frequent mists that protect delicate leaves from frost and high amount of rainfall..
  • NATURAL FLAVOUR – The natural growth process results in higher chlorophyll and L-Theanine contents and a richer, greener colour. The fresh leaves are then collected, dried and ground to powder giving you an unforgettable taste..
  • 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We believe we have the highest quality product on the market. Therefore, Moya Matcha tea comes backed by a 30-day money back guarantee demonstrating that we are certain that you will be 100% satisfied with our a Matcha Tea..
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  • Imported from UK.
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Organic Moya Matcha Tea Green Powder | 30g Premium Ceremonial Grade (I) | Grown & Harvested in Uji, Japan | Perfect for The Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony with Water | Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

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