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Bosmutus Hood Lock Anti-Theft Kit Assembly, for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK & Unlimited, Antitheft Locking Devices

Product Description

Only fit 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK, Aftermarket anti-theft hood lock kit. This is a very solid and sturdy lock.

If you are concerned about the battery and other sensitive and expensive under-hood components getting stolen from your jeep. This hood lock did the trick.

Note: Used for the Original Car Keys Before Installation to Match the Key. The Original Car Key into the Key Hole then Rotate 180 ° Cover Lock Intelligently Identify the First Key.

Stainless steel lock shutter to keep out dirt and moisture, plate tumbler sidebar to prevent picking and bumping.

Package Included: 1x Anti-theft Hood Lock Kit for Jeep Wrangler 1x Installation Instruction, Necessary Mounting Hardware Included

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Imported from UK

Colour Name:Dark

Good solution & easy to install:

Why did you choose it?
With the recent trend of theft for Jeeps by simply opening the hood I felt like it would be wise to install a hood
I think a thief would have to spend so much time defeating this lock (no easy task) that it would completely discourage
Also, when the lock is installed and the black rubber cover is in place you can even see the lock.

If you are looking for an affordable and solid jeep hood lock, this is it. Very secure option to avoid engine tampering
or battery theft.

How to do it?
The install was very simple ( around 15 to 20 minutes) that nearly anyone could do. The lock is very solid.

The keying process was as easy as turning the key in one direction until it stopped; the installation was almost just
as easy.

The holes lined up perfectly with oem holes on the frame. The 4 rivets that came with it are extremely strong and after
installing the lock, there is no way that anyone or anything will budge it at all.

The back housing of the lock is open, but the way the housing itself is shaped, it fits tight to the radiator. It feels
like it's welded on, it's that strong.

More features:
This lock will also stop hood flutter so you don't need to purchase big hood latches.

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