Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - Complete Collection 2

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Relena and Heero have come aboard the Libra in a last-ditch hope to talk some sense into Zechs, but he will not listen.
Treize and his forces arrive, and Treize challenges Zechs to a one on one duel to decide the fate of the ware, but Zechs
refuses, having cast aside such notions as "honor" and "chivalry". Now the immense ships Libra and Peacmillion are on a
collision course with one another, and the resulting collision could destroy all life on Earth. It's up to the Gundam
pilots to put an end to the fighting in this, the final volumes of Gundam Wing! Contains the final half of the epic
Gundam Wing saga - over 10 hours of giant robot action. Genre: Mecha/Sci-Fi/Action.