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9GreenBox - Jack's Giant Colocasia - 4'' Pot

Product Description

Widely known with its common name ''Elephant Ear''. A tropical plant that is ideal for landscaping especially to those areas with moist soil condition. Fairly simple and easy to grow.

Can be grown in a pot and outdoors, prefers bright sunlight and requires to be fed with organic fertilizers. This plant is a swamp plant that's why it needs enough water. When watering allow the water to gently absorb the soil until it nourishes the root.

If grown indoors be sure to move your plant when frost season arrives as it can't tolerate too much cold. Spider mites may be present in your colocasia so better to regularly check the under leaves of your plant, simply remove them using a good blast of water. If it needs to be treated use miticide and ALWAYS follow directions for use.

When your Colocasia is actively growing you will notice the older leaves dying and they will definitely produce new ones. Simply remove those dry and dead leaves to avoid harm in other ground covering plants, keeping also your garden looking clean. ALWAYS use gloves and avoid holding your plant with bare hands as you may feel irritated with its juice.

Ships in a 4'' inch pot. Homegrown by 9GreenBox

Imported from USA

Colocasia gigantea commonly called as giant elephant ear originated in the parts of Southeast Asia. Can grow and spread
up to 6 to 10 feet. The leaf stalk of this plant is used as a vegetable in some areas where it originated. Freely
growing heart-shaped leaves that infrequently produce blooms and often hidden by the foliage. A great addition to your
tropical inspired garden with its large leaves that can reach up to 4-6 inch long.