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Product: 621532

Steam Spa IN1050CHC Indulgence Complete Package with 10.5kW Steam Generator, Chrome

Product Description

Indulgence Package includes a 10.5kW Steam Generator as well as the Steam Spa LED Light, chrome Steam Head, chrome control panel and Auto Drain

Designed with a reservoir for fragrances; Add a few drops of your favorite fragrance and enjoy a refreshing, stimulating aroma therapy

The Steam Spa White LED Light

Automatically purges the generator after each steam bath substantially reducing the chance of mineral, and rust build-up

Imported from USA

With this advanced package you will get everything you need and more to begin experiencing a deep relaxing steam sauna
right in your very home. Included with this package is the aroma steam head for bathing in your favorite fragrance and a
white LED lighting system that is fully controlled and adjustable with the included control panel making for a perfect
sauna experience. And a perfect steam sauna experience is exactly what we had in mind with Steam Spas Steam Generators.
Easy to install and even easier to operate these steam generators produce a consistent flow of soft and soothing steam
thanks to the cleverly designed dual tank technology while minimizing any distracting operational noises. Compact in
size and design Steam Spas generators are suited for use with any bath or shower room with plenty of sizes and accessory
options to make sure there is a perfect setup to meet your needs. As easy to install and operate as our generators
already are, the featured Auto Drain system takes care of the maintenance by purging the generator of any excess
water/minerals that would later contribute to issues down the line. All in all you get a safe, quite, reliable,
luxurious steam sauna experience with our compact powerhouse of a steam generator.