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101 Curling Excuses

Product Description

Imported from USA

Arm yourself with the tools you need to survive the curling season. The ideal gift for curlers of all levels and all
ages! The perfect bonspiel prize! Get it for your teammates, get it for your skip! Don't let your friends or family
face the ice without it! It all started one cold, dark, wintry night in the northern reaches of Canada. Indoors on a
sheet of ice 146 feet long and 14 feet wide were 16 granite rocks and two teams of four players each. The sport of the
great white north ... CURLING ... David and Frank met on the curling ice in Canada. Yup, that was the birthplace of 101
Excuses. Here’s how it started. Curling is a sport that requires extraordinary teamwork and skill in order to be
played well. Being the ultimate team sport, it’s also a very social game. One of the first things you notice when you
take up curling is that no matter what happens on the ice, it’s not your fault. It could be the broom's fault, the rock,
the ice, whatever, but "excuses" are flying around all over the place. Suddenly it came to them. Someone needed to
assemble these excuses in order to arm curlers, both new and experienced, with the tools they need to survive the
curling season. David and Frank got to work. Of course, the two of them had plenty of excuses as to why they couldn't do
the book, but in the end they realized it was their mission. The rest, my friends, is history.