KEY-BAK RETRACT-A-BADGE ID Carabiner 5-Pack Retractable Reel with 36" Cord, Twist-Free Vinyl ID Strap, Black

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Product Description

High quality import designed by the company that invented the personal retractor in 1988

Retractable 36-Inch (90 cm) polyester cord for smooth, quiet extension

Carabiner for easy attachment to belt loops, purse straps, and backpacks

Plastic case is 1.25 Inches (3.18 cm)

Stainless steel spring tested in excess of 40,000 retraction cycles

High quality import designed by KEY-BAK, the company that invented the personal retractor in 1948

The KEY-BAK RETRACT-A-BADGE ID CARABINER Badge Reel is a premium quality import engineered by the company that invented
the original key reel. The 1.25-Inch diameter case is made of strong plastic. With 2 ounces of retraction force, the
reel will hold anything equal in weight to 4 large keys. Whatever you choose to secure, know that the 36-Inch polyester
cord that is in your RETRACT-A-BADGE retractable reel will be a quality badge reel you can count on. Included is a
vinyl ID strap and twist-free end fitting for increased durability and versatility. The RETRACT-A-BADGE badge reel
attaches with a hook-shaped carabiner. The Retract-A-Badge by KEY-BAK Identification Series is a wide selection of
access control and identification products, including: badge reels and lanyards. While not made in the USA like our
popular MINI-BAK Series, these are a great alternative. Designed using the same technology we invented in 1981, these
retractable badge reels are tested to 40,000 retractions and a great security device. This product comes with 5 badge