SouvNear 100% Wooden Tissue Box Cover - Wood Tissue Box Cover / Tissue Holder - 10" Rectangular Perfect-Fit Brown Wooden Tissue Paper Dispenser

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Product Description

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HAND-CRAFTED: Artisan-crafted by hand

BOX NOT A COVER: Has a hinged top cover and a wood base

GOOD FOR A LIFETIME: Handmade in sustainably harvested solid wooden

Directions to use: Remove the tissues from the Kleenex box before putting in the listed tissue-box. DIMENSIONS: External 10.1-L X 6-D X 3.9-H Inches. Internal: 9-L X 5-D X 3.5-H Inches approx

SouvNear Wood Tissue Box Cover/Tissues Holder - Decorative 10" Rectangular Brown Wooden Tissue Paper Dispenser for

A warm and inviting home will always have an eclectic mix of objects, textures, woods and color. You will never go wrong
when you opt for this wooden tissue box, worthy of admiring glances with its unquestionable graphic design and beautiful
rich grain. The elegant detailing supplies an ingenious point of added luxury, whilst keeping a not-so-good-looking
paper tissue box hidden and your essentials handy. This tissue paper holder can be used in your bathrooms, bedrooms,
office or on your dining table. Enhancing home decor, this great quality, ethnic and beautiful handicraft is also
popular as a wonderful & affordable gift.