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Product: 627330

Quantum Leap: From Dirac and Feynman, Across the Universe, to Human Body and Mind

Product Description

Imported from USA

This is a unique 21st-century monograph that reveals a basic, yet deep understanding of the universe, as well as the
human mind and body all from the perspective of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory.

This book starts with both non-mathematical and mathematical preliminaries. It presents the basics of both
non-relativistic and relativistic quantum mechanics, and introduces Feynman path integrals and their application to
quantum fields and string theory, as well as some non-quantum applications. It then describes the quantum universe in
the form of loop quantum gravity and quantum cosmology. Lastly, the book turns to the human body and mind, applying
quantum theory to electro-muscular stimulation and consciousness.

It can be used as a graduate (or advanced undergraduate) textbook for a two-semester course in quantum physics and its
modern applications. Some parts of the book can also be used by engineers, biologists, psychologists and computer
scientists, as well as applied mathematicians, both in industry and academia.

Contents: Elements of Quantum Mechanics; Feynman Path Integrals; Quantum Universe; Quantum Biophysics in Human Body:
Electro Muscular Stimulation; Quantum Games and Quantum Computers; Quantum Mind.