Milton Double Decker Plastic Lunch Box, Purple

Product Description

Made from high quality plastic for everyday use

Soft-insulated lunch box with one oval and two round containers

Safe for use in microwave and freezer

Airtight lids to lock in freshness and taste

Comes with a fork and a spoon

Features a belted carry case for easy portability

Colour: Purple, Material: Plastic

Package Contents: 1-Piece Oval Lunch Box (420ml), 2-Pieces Round Lunch Box (280ml)

Warranty Information: 1 year against manufacturing defects

Imported from INDIA

Color Name:Purple

Ideal Lunch Packing Solution for Professionals and Students Alike

Whether you are a corporate professional who has to adhere to strict deadlines and have your lunch on-the-go or a busy
student with a hectic schedule of project submissions, the Milton Double Decker lunch box is the perfect solution to
your lunch carrying needs. Featuring a set of one and two round containers with a carry case and a fork and spoon, this
lunch box can help you carry a wide range of food from sabzis, rotis, salads, curries, cut fruits, rice and more with
ease. These containers feature air-tight lids with insulated bodies which help in locking in the taste, freshness and
temperature of your food for hours.

Perfect Blend of Design and Substance Made from see-through material, the Milton Double Decker lunch containers make it
easy to identify food without having to open the lid. Also, its unique and efficient design makes it possible to store a
large amount of food in a lesser amount of space. Featuring a stylish purple carry case with a belt, it is easy to carry
around this lunch box wherever you go.

Easy to Maintain, Built to Last Made from high quality plastic, the Milton Double Decker lunch will last you for a very
long time even with regular use. Along with being easy to clean and maintain, these containers prevent foul odour from
seeping into your food. Additionally, they are both microwaveable and safe for storage in the freezer, thus making them
versatile for all types of food storage.

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