Papilon Food Flavours & Colours Culinary Essence, 10 X 20 ml

Product Description

This is a Vegetarian product.

Pack of 10 food flavors

Quantity: 20 ml each

Package content: 1 vanilla essence, 1 pineapple essence, 1 cardamom essence, 1 white rose essence, 1 butterscotch essence, 1 chocolate essence, 1 biryani essence

1 keshar essence, 1 mango emulsion, 1 pista emulsion

Ingredient type: vegetarian

Shelf Life: 965 days

Imported from INDIA

Papillion offers pack of 10 food flavors of 20ml each. Package content: 1 bottle vanilla essence, 1 bottle pineapple
essence, 1 bottle cardamom essence, 1 bottle white rose essence, 1 bottle butterscotch essence, 1 bottle chocolate
essence, 1 bottle biryani essence, 1 bottle keshar. Essence, 1 bottle mango emulsion, 1 bottle pista emulsion. Which are
used for syrups, sherbats, cakes, icing, cookies, frians, ice-creams, confectioneries, sweets, jams, jellies, etc.
Dosases aprox 1-2 ml per kg of end product.

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