• Durable - metal construction with a flexible plastic nozzle to accommodate any pouring angle.
  • Leakproof - has a tight bayonet closure and a heavy duty rubber gasket to make sure this spout never leaks.
  • Smooth pouring - unique air vent allows you to quickly empty the can without any splashing or gurgling. This nozzle also comes with a hose adapted to give you endless pouring options.
  • Mobile - this spout comes with a mounting bracket so you can attach it to any style of jerry can for fast and safe transport.
  • Reliable performance.
  • Imported from India.
These Jerry Can Spout provide devoid of trouble oil pouring putting the liquid right where you want it. They fit any 5, 10 or 20L metal Jerry cans. Made to a high standard, they feature robust metal construction. To ensure a long service life a corrosion resistant nano-ceramic finish is applied. This is topped with an epoxy powder coat paint proofed for liquid fuels. Our spouts lock easily and securely into place and feature a metal screen to strain harmful debris out. A removable flexible tip provides devoid of trouble pouring.

Fuel Mate JTI Jerry Can Spout for Convenient Pouring of Fuel, (Green)