Garmin Edge 605 Water Resistant Cycling GPS (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

by Garmin

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  • GPS-Enabled Cycle Computer
  • Sunlight-Readable Color Display
  • Features A High-Sensitivity Receiver That Holds A Signal Under Trees & Near Tall Buildings
  • Virtual Partner(R) Lets User Race A Virtual Competitor Over A Specified Distance & Speed
  • Courses Allow User To Race Against Previously Recorded Workouts
  • Garmin has really upped the ante on the entire cycling computercategory with it's two new gps-enabled
    navigator/computers, the 705 and its younger sibling, the 605. These are true navigational aids with full-color maps and
    turn-by-turn directions in addition to advanced route-planning and saving capabilities. On top of that, the 705 adds
    heart rate and cadence monitors, a barometric altimeter, and wireless capability that lets you share routes and workout
    data with other riders instantly. Sleek and waterproof, with a 2.2-inch color screen that lets you customize what data
    you see and how you see it, these two devices help make the most of every ride.

    The Power Of Location-Based Data
    Anyone who has used Garmin's original Edge 205 or 305 already understands the power that attaching location data to
    traditional measurements like distance, speed, time, calories burned, and heart rate can provide. Knowing exactly where
    you worked hardest, rode fastest (or most slowly) lets you tailor your workouts to improve to improve your riding skills
    for specific distances, conditions, and types of terrain. It gives a complete picture of how you interact with every
    portion of your ride.

    Altitude is recorded using a barometric altimeter for the Edge 705. This accurate altitude data makes it much easier
    for cyclists to match their altitude profile with their speed, cadence, and heart rate during post-ride analysis. The
    Edge 605 gives a somewhat less precise altitude measurement via the GPS positioning system itself.

    A First-Rate Bike Computer
    The Edge 605 automatically measures your speed, distance, time, calories burned and altitude. The 705 also track your
    heart rate, cadence, power (from optional ANT + Sport-enabled third-party power meters), climb and descent. Other nifty
    features include the following.

    * Virtual Partner lets you race a virtual competitor over a specified distance and speed.
    * Courses let you race against a previously recorded workout, so you can compare your current and past performances over
    the same ride.
    * Auto Pause pauses the timer when you slow down or stop and resumes when you speed up again, so you can focus on your
    * Auto Lap automatically starts a new lap each time you pass a specified location or travel a preset distance
    * Click stick helps users navigate through the various options.

    Full-Featured Navigation

    The Edge 305 Screen (actual size)
    Edge 305 Screen Shot

    The larger color screen (actual size) on the Edge 605 and 705 shows you your surroundings more clearly and supports
    real turn-by-turn navigation.
    Edge 705 screen shot
    No more scratch paper paper-clipped to your handlebars. In addition to their cycling computer functions, The Edge 705
    and 605 provide the same robust navigation as Garmin's vehicle navigators, with turn-by-turn spoken directions (turn
    left in 500 yards) and a 2.2-inch (diagonal) color display that shows maps in great detail.

    Both devices come pre-loaded with a built-in basemap, and a MicroSD card slot you can use to load new maps or store
    workout, course and ride data. Garmin has lots of street and topographic maps available for purchase and you can
    download courses and rides from Garmin or other riders at the Garmin Connect website.

    Both feature a high-sensitivity receiver that holds a signal under trees and near tall buildings and have a click stick
    for easy screen navigation. Connectivity and "ANT + Sport" One of Garmin's most ambitious decisions has been to approach
    fitness devices as a total platform with their "ANT + Sport" connectivity system. All of Garmin's new fitness devices,
    including the Edge 605 and 705, the Forerunner 50 heart rate monitor watches, will interface wirelessly with any devices
    that are compatible wiht the "ANT + Sport" protocol, including devices from other manufacturers. Currently, Garmin the
    devices will pair with power meter from SRM or Quarq to measure power – torque and cadence for each leg at the pedals –
    which is often cited as a true indicator of an efficient ride. It's unclear what other manufacturers will buy into the
    ANT + Sport platform, but this kind of open connectivity with products from other companies offers a great deal of
    potential flexibility.

    The wireless function also makes it easy to connect one Edge unit to another to share rides, courses and workout data.

    Heart Rate and Cadence Monitors
    The Edge 705 heart rate monitor uses a robust wireless technology that eliminates cross-talk and interference and
    delivers real-time heart rate data exclusively to the user’s device. This data is stored with each track point for
    post-workout analysis. The Edge 705 with speed/cadence sensor incorporates a self-calibrating, wireless speed/cadence
    sensor that mounts to the rear chain stay of the bicycle.

    Be Part of A Community
    In 2007, Garmin acquired Motion-based, the largest shared repository of customer-generated gps-based routes, courses
    and maps. This was a significant move for Garmin to support the gps user community and bring a wealth of route options
    to gps users. With a simple connection to your computer, you can join a worldwide network of cyclists and outdoor
    enthusiasts through Garmin Connect our new, one-stop site for data analysis an sharing.

    You can also upload to optional Garmin Training Center software for further analysis. Garmin Training Center stores
    large quanities of workout and ride data. Some of the things you can do are

    * Review your workout data, including pace/speed, distance, time, calories burned; and if available, heart rate,
    cadence and detailed elevation.
    * View a detailed graph of your workout data, plotted over time or distance.
    * View a map of your workout that shows the exact path you traveled.
    * Categorize your workout history according to type of activity.
    * Review previous workouts, which are saved by day and week.
    * Create customized workouts with specific goals and rest intervals. Then send them to your fitness device.*
    * Schedule workouts for a specific day with calendar.
    * Get custom workout templates designed by the experts at

    What's In The Box
    Edge 605 GPS-enabled cycling computer, bike mounts, AC charger, USB cable, owner's manual on CD-ROM, quick reference


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