• This is a Vegetarian product..
  • Closeup deep action has active zinc mouthwash that gives you up to 12 hours of fresh breath.
  • Its microshine crystals remove yellow film for whiter teeth.
  • It also has fluoride for strong teeth.
  • Feel the the long-lasting clean taste of eucalyptus freeze flavor.
  • Imported from India.
Style name:Eucalyptus Mint Do you brush your teeth hurriedly? Do you often forget to use mouthwash or not use it altogether? Are your teeth dull and covered with a yellowish coating of plaque? If your answer to the above questions is yes then Closeup Deep Action Eucalyptus Mint Gel is the toothpaste for you. Its unique Active Zinc Mouthwash not only cleans deep corners of your mouth of residual germs it also gives you upto 12 hours fresh breath. It helps your teeth stay strong and healthy thanks to the fluoride in it and its microshine crystals help reduce the yellowing of your teeth. Upto 12 hours of lasting fresh breath is based on In-vivo study with regular use over 4 weeks Kill the bacteria that cause bad breath with Closeup Deep Action Eucalyptus Mint Gel toothpaste. Bad breath can be caused by the millions of bacteria that live in your mouth. If you don't brush and floss every day, plaque germs can form. Closeup gel toothpaste helps kill the bacteria and helps prevents bad breath. Dental plaque germs Brushing with Closeup gel toothpaste is one simple step you can incorporate into your daily routine to help keep your mouth healthy, and it can have a positive effect on your oral health. FDI – World Dental Federation recognizes that brushing twice daily with Closeup Deep Action Eucalyptus Mint Gel is beneficial to oral health. Minimum Age: 1 Month, Maximum Age: 24 Month.

Closeup Ever Fresh Eucalyptus Mint Gel Toothpaste 150g