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Sports And Outdoors > Product: 649546

Product Description

PinSeeker mode- zeros in on flag

Standard Scan mode, built in Reflector

Reads distances in both yards and meters

Ranges (5 yards minimum) : Reflective surfaces: 1,600 yards, Trees: 1,000 yards, Flag: 400 yards

Fully multi-coated optics, Twist up metal eyepiece with oversized ocular

Imported from USA

Product description

The measure of success - distance adjusted for elevation. Using a digital inclinometer, the Pro 1600 Slope
Edition w PinSeeker determines distances based on the degree of elevation change. It doesn t just tell you how far - it
tells you exactly how far to play it. So you ll never question the range at the top of your swing. And nothing cuts
strokes like confidence.


Level the ups and downs in your quest for perfection. Built in the legacy of our venerable PinSeeker 1500,
the Pro 1600 is the world's only golf laser rangefinder to compensate for the changes in elevation. Using a digital
inclinometer, it determines distance based on the degree of elevation change. It doesn't just tell you how far-it tells
you exactly how far to play it. So you'll never again question the range at the top of your swing. And nothing cuts
strokes, and eliminates the peaks and valleys of your game, like confidence. It's completely waterproof for wet days on
the course and includes a premium carrying case.

Tournamet Edition Features:

* The ultimate rangefinder for tournament play and avid golfers
* Ranges 5 - 1600 yards/meters; 400 yards to flag
* +/- 1 yard accuracy
* 7x magnification
* 9-volt battery and premium carry case included
* No reflective prism required
* 100% waterproof w/ Rainguard HD
* IPX7 waterproof standard

Slope Edition Features:

* The most widely used laser rangefinder by tour professionals
* Bushnell® Slope Technology for exact distance to the pin, uphill or downhill
* Ranges 5 - 1600 yards/meters; 400 yards to flag
* +/- 1 yard accuracy
* 7x magnification
* 9-volt battery and premium carry case included
* No reflective prism required
* 100% waterproof w/ Rainguard HD
* IPX7 waterproof standard

Frequently Asked Questions About Bushnell's Rangefinders:
Q: Is my laser rangefinder waterproof?
A: All models are water resistant with the exception of Pro 1600 Pinseeker Rangefinder. It is 100% waterproof and can be
submerged in water and even floats. Treat the water resistant models much the same as you would a digital camera.

Q: Are the laser rangefinders eye safe?
A: Absolutely, all Yardage Pro products are well within the eye safety limits established by the FDA for Class 1 laser

Q: How accurate are Yardage Pro products?
A: All of the Bushnell Laser Rangefinders are accurate to +/- 1 yard.

Q: Can I use my rangefinder on a course that doesn't have reflectors on the pins?
A: Reflectors are not required to use your rangefinder on golf courses. However, they will enhance the effectiveness of
your Bushnell Rangefinder.

Q: Is it permissible to use the rangefinder under USGA Rules of Golf?
A: All of our non-Slope units are designed to be permissible when the Local Rule permitting the use of
distance-measuring devices is in effect. This is governed by the USGA’s Decision as it relates to Distance Measuring
Devices (14-3/0.5 Local Rule Permitting Use of Distance-Measuring Device), which sets forth that players are allowed to
use these in rounds conducted under the Rules of Golf when the Committee adopts the Local Rule, as long as they only
measure distance. Additionally, the USGA Handicap System manual (Decision 5-1f/2) sets forth that scores made using
these distance-only measuring devices are acceptable for handicap purposes, whether or not the Local Rule is in effect.

Q: What are the spots in my monocular?
A: You are actually viewing through an LCD (liquid crystal display). The spots you see are on the surface of the LCD,
which in turn is magnified 14X. The LCD’s are built in a clean room; however tiny unseen flaws (to the naked eye) do
occur. Also during the installation into the monocular dust will sometimes settle on the surface and many times the dust
then cannot be blown off the LCD. Bushnell is working feverishly on the quality of the LCD, but that technology is not
mature enough to accommodate our requirements. The spots in no way affect the ranging performance of the device. We
realize that our customers have come to expect immaculate optics from Bushnell and be assured that we are working toward
that goal.

Q: How far will the Yardage Pro range?
A: These are excellent questions and probably by far our most frequently asked questions. Unfortunately, a quick answer
cannot be given. There are many variables that contribute to the ranging performance: Weather conditions - rain, dust,
and high humidity will limit the ranging capabilities. Lighting conditions - low light gives the best ranging
conditions. Target size - the bigger the target, the better chances of ranging to it. Target reflectivity - Brighter
targets, such as white, ranges great; black colored objects range poorly. Target surface - The actual material of the
target will affect the range performance - a flat, smooth sign is much easier to range than a matty haired animal. Angle
of Incidence - The angle at which the laser hits the target also makes a difference - the closer you are to reflecting
the laser off the target at a 90 degree angle, the further you can range. Hand steadiness - this factor will obviously
vary from person to person. You think you have a steady hand? Try holding a laser pen pointer steady on a wall 30 feet
away. You will be surprised at the amount of movement. The laser is the same way. It illuminates a bigger spot than the
pen pointer but you are ranging 1000 feet or more. It doesn't take much movement to have the laser on a different target
than what you intend. This will become even more of a factor as people upgrade to longer ranging devices.

Q: What type of battery do the Yardage Pros use? How long will a battery last?
A: This varies by model. See the product grid to determine battery type for your model. A fresh battery should give you
5,000 distances before replacing. But we recommend you replace the battery once a year whether you feel it needs it or
not. Bushnell recommends Eveready, Duracell, or similar quality batteries.