Canary Products HZ120 Mini Travel & Car Air Humidifier with Plug In Adapter

by Canary Products

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  • Humidifier for your car and office. It has a USB adapter to plug into the wall, your computer, as well as an adapter to plug into your car
  • Can easily be attached to the air-conditioning vent of a car
  • Two different modes: mode 1: 7 mines' working + 14S' intermittence; Mode2: 5 S' working + 10S' intermittence
  • Mini size, space saving
  • Safety system: automatic shut off
  • Our mini travel/car humidifier makes it easy to turn on your heater or air conditioner in the car without suffering from
    the dryness that comes with it. This mini travel/car humidifier can be attached to the vent of the air conditioner so
    that when the air blows, it is moisturized. After you are done with it in your car, simply take it to your hotel or room
    and plug into the wall, so that moisture and comfort never leaves your place. It comes with replaceable filters- so you
    know you can always breathe the fresh air.


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