Ipow Grill/bbq/barbecue Digital Thermapen Instant Read Meat Thermometer Probe for Cooking Kitchen Food Meat Wine Jam Steak Candy,black

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  • Digital thermometer with sensor probe.
  • Simple LCD Display for easy reading.
  • Measurement range : - 50°C to 300°C (- 58F to 572F);C and F changeable display.
  • Saving power: auto-off after 10 minutes when not in-use
  • Wide range of applications: Barbecue, Food Processing, Refrigeration, Brewing, Pharmaceutical, Laboratory, Energy Management etc.
  • Digital cooking thermometer, Perfect for thin cuts of meat, fish or poultry. it will ensure your food is cooked to
    perfection. Get piece of mind from knowing that your food is fully cooked, especially when cooking large joints of meat.
    The longer probe allows for a Safer measurement distance protecting your hands from hot steam and air. Digital
    thermometer with stainless steel sensor probe can be used for a whole range of different food types Very Easy to use,
    features a large and simple to read LCD display. This very handy device is a must for the kitchen.

    Operating Instructions

    A Temperature Measurement

    1. Press the ON/OFF button to turn it on.

    2. After use, press the ON/OFF button to turn it off and conserve battery life.

    BTemperature Scale Press the Degree F/Degree C button to select temperature reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

    CData-Hold Before withdrawing it from the food, press the HOLD button. This will "hold" the reading until pressed again.

    D Max/min Mode,continually storing the highest temperature.

    1. Press the MAX/Min button to display the highest temperatures and press again,the lowest temperature appears on the

    Ideal accessory for the kitchen or any household for general use

    Cooking Meat


    Baby's Bath

    Baby's Milk


    Temperature range: -50~+300 Degree C(-58~+572 Degree F)

    Temperature accuracy:±1 Degree C or ±2 Degree F

    Resolution: 0.1 Degree C/ Degree F

    Power supply: 1.5V(AG13 size)by 1 (included)

    Material: Plastic and steel

    Dimension: 228 by 21 by 21mm

    Weight: 21g

    Package including: 1 by Digital Probe Thermometer


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