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Quad Watch Winder

Product Description

Watch winder keeps up to four automatic watches wound and ready to go

High-quality case features a rich, black lacquer finish and clean, simple styling

Each winder works independently for four custom settings

Multiple rotation sequences for precision winding

Power adapter included

Imported from USA

Quad Watch Winder. Stores and winds four automatic watches. Winds four watches at the same time. Clockwise,
counterclockwise and bi-directional rotations. Each winder works independently for four custom settings. Multiple
rotation sequences for precision winding. Built-in timer prevents overwinding. Attractive, high-quality solid wood case.
Power adapter included. Keep four self-winding watches precise and ready to wear with this automatic watch winder!
Simply place your favorite automatic watches on the winder then walk away. Our watch winder features a quiet,
omnidirectional motor and multiple rotation sequences that automatically keep your watches accurate and on time, and
prevent accidental overwinding. Choose clockwise, counterclockwise or bi-directional rotation.