Trampoline Mat (universal) 16 ft frame: 108 v-rings: 7.5 inch springs

by Skytric

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  • Trampoline Frame size: Made for a 16 FT. Round Trampoline (for your trampoline size: measure frame from one outside edge vertically and horizontally to the other outside edge, make sure to measure it both ways to confirm your size)
  • Material: Heavy Duty Premium Polypropylene Mesh Material has 8 row stitching which provides extra security that prevents the mat from tearing and guaranteed to enjoy for many years!
  • UV-resistant, Water & Fade Resistant Mat
  • Made in USA
  • Bring back your Trampoline bounce with this New & Strong "SKYTRIC" Trampoline Jumping Mat! SKYTRIC is a sister brand of
    Upper Bounce Trampolines, yet produce upgraded and improved trampoline parts. "SKYTRIC" Jumping Mat is especially
    designed to fit 16 FT. Trampoline Frames of all brands and models, with 108 V-Rings using 7.5" Springs. SKYTRIC
    Trampoline Jumping Mat features ultra-durability through its premium PP Mesh Material. Furthermore, our Jumping Mat also
    provides extra security with its 8 row stitching thus guaranteeing the mat from tearing. SKYTRIC High Quality Jumping
    Mat is guaranteed to be UV & water resistant, offering you a safer long-lasting fun investment!


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