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SLEEP SAFE BED BUG, DUST MITE, and ALLERGEN PROOF - STANDARD Pillow ZipCover, Size: Standard 21" x 27" Pillow ENCASEMENT

Product Description

The award winning German engineered Evolon offers 1 micron filtration using a microfilament technology, creating a physical barrier against allergens.

Evolon is made using an eco-friendly process and because of its large interal surface area, it can absorb 400% of its weight in water and dries very quickly.

This breathable fabric is not coated, and it has no PVCs and no chemical post treatments. The fabric is rustle-free, comfortable, and has no "plastic" feeling.

Sleep Safe ZipCover Evolution pillow protectors provide total bedbug, dustmite, dander, and allergen protection making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

This bleach safe zip cover is durable for repeated washings. It's the fabric that protects, not chemicals. Wash and dry before first use for cotton like comfort.

Imported from USA

Our Evolution Line of Pillow Protectors is made of a soft cottonlike fabric with incredibly tiny pores (1 micron pore
size). The tight microfilament Evolon is a breathable, nonwoven fabric protects without a rustling sound. Nothing but
pure air comes through its millions of microchannels. The fabric dries quickly, wicking moisture away from your skin.
Washing only makes it softer and will not remove its efficacy after repeated washings up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
Evolon fabric received the OekoTex 100 class 1 certificate, meaning there are no harmful substances, making it safe for
even baby skin. It has no PVC or any other toxic chemical treatments. These components are safe for human health and the
environment. The production of Evolon is environmentally friendly as shown by many health and environmental awards to
its manufacturer. Sleep Safe Zipcovers Evolution is a great complement to your high count sheets. Our pillow encasements
are constructed by quality craftsmen in the southeastern U.S. This is the best high tech protection against bed bugs,
dust mites, allergens and works so well you will not know it is there. Out of the package, this product feels coarse;
however, after the very first wash, it becomes cottony soft to the touch, yet maintains its durability. Encasing your
mattress and pillows in an allergen proof, impenetrable encasement is the simplest way to protect your sleep.