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4-Rolls Tape Thread & Fitting Sealant 1/2" x 520" Roll

Product Description

The professional choice for fool-proof thread seals on water pipe, air hose and plumbing fixtures

More effective, easier/faster/cleaner to apply than thread sealant or glue

Simply wrap threads and apply fittings - no waiting for drying or curing

Four rolls of easy-to-work-with 1/2" tape x 520 inches on each roll - over 170 feet of tape total

This tape is so indispensable (plus it tends to 'disappear') we recommend ordering several sets

Imported from USA

More recently, it's been incorporated into the manufacturing process of the waterproof fabric Gore-Tex(TM). And now you
can take advantage of it's incredible sealing properties to leak-proof plumbing connections, water pipes, air
hose-fittings - just about any threaded connection. Wrap threads tightly to pull into the threads, overlapping about
half the tape-width. Wrap to end of threads but not beyond to avoid causing obstruction. Fittings will tighten and
loosen naturally without additional effort; If fitting is removed simply replace tape. An essential time, effort and
frustration saver for professionals, do-it-yourselfers and homeowners. (Not for use with natural gas or liquid propane)