MODONA 72" (6 Feet) White Vinyl Replacement Shower Hose with BRASS Fittings

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Product ID: 669199


  • Extra Long 72" (6 Feet) White Vinyl Shower Hose
  • BRASS Fittings to ensure best quality and durability
  • 1/2" F.I.P Fittings and washers included
  • Fits all standard handheld shower units
  • Limited Lifetime Warrantee
  • MODONA's 72" (6 Feet) White Vinyl Shower Hose is designed to meet all of your quality and design needs. Fits all
    standard hand held showers and the extra length lets you use for all applications, including washing pets. The fittings
    are made of BRASS (as opposed to Zinc or Plastic which can crack or break easily). Easy do-it-yourself instructions

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    available from MODONA.