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Safety Works CTFM Toasty Feet Mens Shoe insoles Infused with Aerogel for Sizes 8-12

Product Description

Made with Aerogel infused insulation to keep heat in and cold out

Toasty Feet also keep feet cool on a hot summer day on hot pavement

Provides a thermal barrier of protection for your feet

Imported from USA

Toasty Feet insoles contain the insulating material, aerogel – simply the lightest and lowest-density solid known to
exist. This nano-technology, used by and developed for NASA, is 50-99-Percent air, yet can hold 500-4,000 times its
weight in applied force. What does that mean to you? It means the insulating material does not obtain its effectiveness
from loft or thickness – so the insoles’ insulating material will not lose its effectiveness when compressed underfoot.
Toasty Feet insoles effectively block the transfer of cold and heat – keeping your foot a constant and comfortable
temperature. Fits in almost any shoe or boot.